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Saturday, October 3, 2020

 Hey hey!! Hope y'all are doing well! I wanted you to know about the new presets if you've missed them on IG, and give you some details on how to use them!

First things first... a preset is essentially a filter you can use for your photos. The app, Lightroom has a option for your to download, use, and save presets so you can just upload your picture, and apply it without having to do too much photo editing. 

I've created some presets specifically for planner photos, however, you can use them on any pictures! 

The cool thing about presets is that you don't have to deal with the hassle of editing. It is important to note that, presets are created under certain lighting conditions, and if you have similar conditions the photo will turn out similar. If you have completely different lighting, the photo will turn out different. No one told me this! A few years back, I bought so many presets, and the pictures NEVER turned out right. I had so much hope that my pictures would turn out the same as theirs, but it never did! 

Here's the secret! Study the before pictures! Before you purchase any preset, make the lighting in the before picture somewhat matches the lighting you have! If the lighting in the before picture is really bright, and the after picture is dark and richer, know that if you start off with a dark picture, the preset will make it darker. If the before picture has a yellow tint to it, and the after picture has more of a neutral or blue tint, then know that if you start off with a picture that has a cool tone, it'll only get cooler! This applies to any preset, not just mine. 

I'll give you an example of the lighting below! 

Pretty Papers is the first Preset I listed for sale. Check out the before picture. I'm using natural lighting in that photo. I don't have any lights on in this room. I'm about 3 feet from the window, which is on the left of this picture. 

When you use this filter, natural light is the best. If your original picture is a bit brighter than this, or if you use artificial lighting, the your picture could look blown out. If you can't use natural lighting and you'd like to use this preset, use it, and go to the exposure tab in Lightroom, and turn it down until it reaches the brightness level that you like. 

I hope this was helpful! Let me know if you have any questions! You can find my presets and instructions here! Enter your email on the preset shop page to stay up to date!

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