Post-Therapy Notes

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

I'm not a small talker, which you might have noticed already. So I'm just gonna get to it! I wanted to show you the new inserts I made that are helpful for people in therapy. As a therapist, I write notes after each session that helps me remember what my clients and I talk about. I also use them to keep track of our progress. I can look back 3 months and see how far we've come. Clients sometimes come in with their own notebooks and binders to keep track on their end! I now have an insert in my shop that you planner peeps can use to keep a log of how therapy has gone thus far. On the insert, it has several sections!

  • Summary of experience (indicating what your overall sentiment was in therapy, how you came, how you left, the emotions you felt, etc)
  • Topics discussed (spelling out the main topics of the session)
  • Takeaway points (notes on the ideas and concepts you're going to carry with you on which you've gotten clarity)
  • Hard topics (part of the discussion that were hard pills to swallows; possibly things you're not ready to accept yet)
  • Topics to revisit (a great section to use if you've run out of time on the session and would like to continue certain topics with your therapist next time)
  • Homework (the TO-DOs! This is the section that you're applying and practicing through the week. You can also use this section to identify questions or topics you'd like to talk about your therapist next session)
therapy notes These inserts are available now! If you don't see your planner size, please feel free to send me a message on etsy and let me know what size you'd like! Also, I have a commercial license available for other therapists and mental health professionals who would like to offer these to their clients. Enjoy!

<3 MJ

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